Team Two Dog:
Maplehills Appalachian Sage

Sage, our Golden Retriever, was born in 2011. When we picked him up from the Atlanta airport, we were worried about this chubby puppy who had to take breaks on short walks. Could he have the energy to be a hunting dog? In short time, Sage put those worries to rest and now has two speeds: fast and asleep. Sage is great to hunt and fish with, but is always confused when I release a trout as he sticks his head completely under water and watches it swim away.

Team Two Dog:
Duckhill's Hankapotamus

Hank is our first dog we bought as a couple in 2011. Hank is a no nonsense dog in the field and can give you a very disappointed look when you miss a bird. He doesn't stop on a hunt, but at home he can be found napping in the sun or on a pillow. Like all labs, he has his funny quirks that keeps life interesting.

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