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September is Finally Here!

The warm weather is upon us here at Two Dog, and with it the local doves are fattening up for their migration out of South Carolina. This hunting season began Labor Day weekend and will end in several weeks. Until then, this family will be sweating it out side by side, hoping a stray dove will fly over.

The kids take inventory after a good hunt

Prep for this season began before Memorial Day. The field was tilled and planted with sunflowers. The beginning of the summer was a rainy one, which was great for our sunflowers. However, as the summer rolled along, the deer ate their way further through the flowers, which could pay off when deer season starts. It was decided the best course of action was to mow the field down to the dirt and see what would fly.

Opening day of dove season brought 90 degree weather and a slight breeze. The doves flew into the field consistently, which left pleased hunters and happy retrievers. There were more children in the dove field this year than ever before and new friendships were formed that could continue into adulthood. The camaraderie at the post hunt dinner was my favorite part of the hunt.

Hank and Sage were even able to get some feathers in their mouth on a quick evening hunt

As we cooled off in the shade and recounted misses and hits of the hunt, it was nice to look around at all of the kiddos playing. The ages spanned from 8 weeks to 12 years and if it hadn’t been a school night, the fun would have continued until long after dark. The next generation of hunter was in our midst, and I like what I’m seeing.

Red Dog (Sage) waits for the next retrieve. With the gray on his muzzle getting thicker, this isn't his first rodeo.

There were just as many young girls as boys, all joking together, including my two young nieces. For my 12 year old niece, it was her first hunt firing at doves, and if her dad has any say, it won’t be her last. While the older niece was firing at birds, the younger was firing her BB gun at a can in the woods, honing her skills for the future. These two girls, along with my own daughter, are helping to even the disparity in gender gap seen in the hunting world today. As previously stated, I am encouraged by these future outdoorswomen.

This fall, Two Dog has planned fishing trips, hunting escapades, and several camping trips with kids. Stay tuned for updates on these trips and subscribe to the blog to never miss a post.

- Corey


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