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Two Dog Christmas List

Here is a quick list of the items we have enjoyed and that have performed well in the outdoors. Maybe a few of these will find their way under your tree.

Corey’s Favorite Things

-Women’s Sitka Fanatic Jacket- This jacket is the warmest outerwear I have ever owned. It’s durable and can be worn under waders or in the deer blind. This one piece will prolong any cold weather outdoor adventure.

-FisheWear Leggings- I have owned these tights for several years and not only is the design great, but they are also functional. I wear them around town under the Women’s Allagash Skirt and also under my waders.

-Diamond Edge SB-1 Bow- This is the bow I shoot and I highly recommend it. It has an adjustable draw length and draw weight which is perfect for beginners and intermediate archers.

The SB-1 ready to bring home the jerky

-Hot Hands- Small and warm! Great stocking stuffer for the outdoorsman or woman in your life.


-Head Lamps- These may be the most versatile piece of equipment our kids own. They take them on night walks with the dogs, tracking deer in the field after dark, and they are an essential camping item. Our kids love that the Black Diamond Kids Headlamp can change colors.

-Sleeping Bags- The two kids at Two Dog Outdoors love camping in all sorts of weather, so the sleeping bags had to accommodate for winter camping. The kids’ sleeping bags are good until freezing, which means we can camp here in the southeast 90% of the year. If your kids are cold when camping, it’s not fun for anyone.

Paul testing out his sleeping bag in REI

-Backpacks- When our kids were old enough to hike longer than a mile, we invested in daypacks for them. These allow them to carry necessities such as water and lunch, but aren’t too heavy for the trail.

Bags packed with just the essentials...and a stuffed penguin

-Pocket Knife- When Wet Foot (Paul) turned 7, we bought him his first pocket knife. This provided him with hours of whittling fun and also helped him contribute to the much needed kindling.


-Sitka Delta Wading Jacket- Yet again, Sitka makes our list. It is not because we are loyal to a brand, we just demand performance. The Sitka Delta Wading Jacket is not just used when I duck hunt. It also makes a great fishing jacket. And with the gusseted cuffs, it helps keep water when out retrieving ducks or releasing trout.

The gusseted cuffs of the Sitka Delta Wading Jacket keeps my arms dry, and the Groove Life ring keeps my finger on.

-Groove Life Rings- I love and cherish my wedding band. I also love and need my fingers. Silicone wedding bands are a smart buy to publicly show you are off the market, and that you prefer to avoid de-gloving accidents. They come in many patterns and designs and are comfortable to wear.

-Vortex Scopes- Vortex optics has made a big splash in the optics world with their high quality and great warranty. We recently bought a Vortex Diamondback and have been impressed with it’s low light capability and clarity at a low price point. They offer scopes and binoculars at all price points, while not sacrificing quality at the lower range.

There you have it! Our Christmas List for 2019. We hope these ideas will help you buy special gifts that will open the gateway to fun times in the outdoors in 2020.

Merry Christmas!

-The Two Dog Team


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