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What Would Corey Wear?

I do not consider myself fashionable in any way. So when a friend texted me to ask what I would wear on a family hike, I was a little surprised. I have been enjoying the outdoors my whole life and through trial and error I have a couple favorite articles of clothing. I don’t usually lean towards what is “fashionable” as much as I choose based on durability and function. That being said, if it’s not flattering on my 5 foot two frame, it will be returned. Here are some of my picks...

Spring turkey hunting here in the South can be hard to dress for. One hunt is hot, humid, and tick infested while another can be cold and rainy. For spring turkeys, I have been wearing the Prois pants and jacket for the last several years. I really love the cut of the pants and the material has held up well to the briers and woods here in the south.

Prois and "She" are two companies that make clothes to fit women. There are many options now as opposed to a decade ago for comfortable hunting gear for women

The pants offer a bit heavier layering than I would normally wear for September dove hunts, but in the cool mornings they work for me. I also wear "She" outdoors turkey vest. It’s cut for a smaller frame and is lightweight but comfortable. I can fit all my gear and the turkey I bag in it’s lofty compartments.

During the delayed harvest trout stockings, most weekends I am casting to a rising trout. Spring days on the stream can be tricky to dress for because of the difference in the air temperature and water temperature. My go- to wardrobe picks are Fishe Wear’s tights and skirt with a Patagonia fleece under my waders.

Fishe Wear tights and skirt are great for a hike or underneath waders.

I love that these tights can be worn as cute fashion tights and easily transition into a functional fishing layer. When the weather gets colder I wear them as a base layer under my fleece pants. I have worn these tights about three years and throughout all the washings, they look the same as the day I got them.

To get back to my friend’s original question of what I would wear hiking, I do have a couple staples in my closet. My first staple is my Patagonia fleece. I have three of these and they get worn on a weekly basis until June each year. Under the fleece I either wear a t-shirt or a Patagonia capilene that will wick moisture away. I find that these are great shirts to shield the sun and also block the wind when worn under the fleece.

Can you ever have too many Fleece's?

I usually don a hat outdoors because my stringy hair is easier to manage. I love Pistil’s new designs of hats which is what I have laid out here. I also own a pair of Solomon low hikers. I basically live in these until it’s too hot and then I switch to Chacos. I love these shoes to keep up with the kids, on hikes, to the pool, even hunting.

Two dog fashion isn't about standing out, but blending into your surroundings.

My choices may not be in vogue, but they will hold up to the washes and wears over the years. Whether you need camouflage or just some spring hiking clothes, check out these suggestions. The clothing will hold up and the recommendations will not let you down. So get some good gear and go enjoy the great outdoors this spring.



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